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Why Did HP Get Out of the Touchpad Business?

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There’s been a ton of talk about HP and their decision to discontinue making their Touchpad. Just as the public began to absorb the news that HP was out of the business, they announced that they would make one more batch of their Touchpad.

So, is HP back in the web OS business? The answer, according to HP, is “no”, and it’s likely a change for the better. HP is releasing one more batch, and many of these will be sold at the $99 “fire sale” price. The decision was made to make a few more Touchpads for a couple of reasons.

The first was that many of HP’s suppliers were unhappy about having left over components that they couldn’t use because HP made their decision to get out of the Touchpad business so quickly. This last release of the product will allow the components to be used up. These pieces were ones that HP was going to have to pay for anyway, so it only made economic sense to try and recoup their cost.

Secondly, HP has seen demand for the Touchpad at the $99 price. So, while it doesn’t make sense to stay in the market indefinitely at the $99 price, it is feasible to do so for a while, particularly when components are ready and waiting.

HP’s decision to get out of the web OS business for the Touchpad and phones was in their best interest. The market has proven that the HP products cannot compete with the iPad or with the Samsung Galaxy, particularly at the price point where these products sell. But, for $99, HP can at least recoup the money they’ve already spent, and it’s wise of them to do so. But, for many people who want a product similar to the iPad and the Galaxy, at a more reasonable price, the new of one more release of the Touchpad is, indeed, good news.

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4 Responses to “Why Did HP Get Out of the Touchpad Business?”

  1. Rodney Hess says:

    My school just bought Ipads for every student and teacher at more than 500 a pop! (or so I have heard) If the HP really is only $99 they could have purchased them for 5 schools! Ipads are too pricey.

  2. Socorra says:

    I have had 2 HP printers and one computer. They weren’t the top of the line, but the quality and features were good. I would certainly give a $99 touch pad a try if it’s quality is decent.

  3. Jupiter says:

    99 dollars is a bargain for any touch pad that works resonably well. Count me in for one.

  4. Ted Cassidy says:

    I agree that the Samsung and Ipad are superior products, but I would never pay that kind of money for one. I would rather have a notebook computer, albeit a little bit bigger, because of the things they can do that a pad can’t for about the same money.