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The Importance of Marketing for Casinos

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Every business needs a marketing plan. Your marketing plan is what helps you decide who your customer is, and how to get them to buy your product. There are some very specific nuances to marketing a casino and some very specific reasons why marketing is so important to casino success. Here are some things to consider.

Competition is fierce. Casino gambling is limited to certain areas of the United States. In the areas where casino gambling is legal, there’s a huge concentration of competition. Every patron has a choice, and few patrons will visit every casino in the area. Appropriate marketing helps you ensure that the visitors choose your casino over the one next door.

Every casino has a personality. Some casinos are more geared to the high roller, while others are designed primarily for the person playing the nickel slots. Either type, or any kind of casino in between, can be successful. But, it’s critical to know your casino’s personality, and go after the right patrons. You won’t get every visitor to the area, so you should strive to get the visitors that will be most at home spending money in your casino.

It’s not all about the gambling. Casinos may make their best profits from gamblers. But, it is often other types of entertainment that bring the gamblers in the door. Many gamblers believe that they can “hit the slots” at any casino. They’ll choose the one that offers them another reason to be there.

    These three aspects of casino marketing bring to light the importance of having a marketing plan and a good marketing executive at the helm of a casino’s business. Gamblers spend money, and casinos are definitely big business. But, gamblers also have many choices in how they spend their money, so it’s up to the casino to give gamblers a compelling argument for spending their money with them.

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    7 Responses to “The Importance of Marketing for Casinos”

    1. Durtsche says:

      I have been to Vegas two times and I still haven’t been to all of the big casinos. The first time I went I pretty much stayed in the same one because I started out on a roll. Not to mention it was nice!

    2. Nina Buchanan says:

      Marketing that gets me in the door is a guarentee of something. Whether it’s free tokens, drinks, food, or a show. Any casino offering those things has my business.

    3. Jill says:

      I love the Hard Rock near Tampa, FL. I go everytime they send me a voucher. Nothing like free money to get me in the door. Plus, the place looks awesome.

    4. Minnie says:

      I like to gamble, but I also like nice things. Not uppity fancy things, just not a dump. I’m willing try any casino as long as it’s well kept.

    5. Eddie McKinney says:

      The personality (or theme) may get me in the door, but most often it’s not what keeps me coming back. I need to feel that I have a chance at winning once in a while and I like good service, too.

    6. Benno says:

      Not sure about the other people at these places, but I sure can’t afford to gamble all night. I prefer to go to the ones with shows, food, and free booze!

    7. Rose McDonald says:

      I’ve only been on a boat casino out of florida. It was free and the booze was free if I was playing a slot. I did have some fun, but the thing was pretty run down and the enterainment wasn’t much to talk about. I never went back.