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The Celebrities You Don’t Want in Your Casino

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Fox News recently reported that Alex Rodriguez was seen playing high stakes poker in a casino in the Poconos. A-Rod has, of course, seen his share of controversy, including reports of potential illegal gambling via underground poker games. Rodriguez denies gambling in the casino, though he does admit having had dinner there.

One has to wonder how casino owners feel about having the likes of A-Rod, or any other celebrity with a potential gambling problem, darkening their doors? On the one hand, whenever your casino’s name makes the news, that’s got to be a good thing. Hopefully if people remember nothing else, they remember your casino’s name.

In addition, it might look good for business to have any celebrity known for playing high stakes games to arrive in your casino. After all, he wouldn’t choose your establishment if he didn’t think he could win some money.

So, we agree that in the casino business, almost any publicity is good publicity, but we still think there are a few celebrities that nobody wants making headlines in their establishment.  Here is our short list of the celebrities casinos probably don’t want.

  1. Charlie Sheen – everyone is pretty tired of seeing Charlie anywhere. And, in addition to likely having a gambling problem, you just never know how he might behave. It could be fun to watch, but it could also end very badly.
  2. Lindsey Lohan – trouble always follows Lindsey wherever she goes. And, it’s a sure bet that your other patrons don’t want the police showing up, which is always a possibility when Lindsey’s around.
  3. Anyone from Jersey Shore – Of course, I’m not sure if they really qualify as celebrities, but they definitely lower the class factor of any establishment they choose to visit.

Of course, any time a casino can get an A-list celebrity like Brangelina, Matt Damon or George Clooney, it’s a great boost for business and for the casino’s reputation as a place to “see and be seen”. But, not all celebrities bring good things in the door with them.

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6 Responses to “The Celebrities You Don’t Want in Your Casino”

  1. Jamie Ross says:

    I’ve seen A-Rod play ball and it’s exciting to see him hit the big one. I am sure I would have a great time watching him win or lose at the poker table, too. I think people should lay off him about his gambling. He has the money and he enjoys it. He isn’t hurting anyone.

  2. Jacob Forrest says:

    Great shot of Lindsey!

  3. Nessa says:

    I’m not sure any casino would turn away business as long as they are behaving themselves while gambling, be it A-Rod or even Charlie Sheen.

  4. April Stafford says:

    Business is business and the business is to make money. I wouldn’t be surprised if a casino actually paid someone like A-Rod to gamble there thinking it might attract more business.

  5. Pearl says:

    Spot on. Almost any publicity is good publicity. Free advertising can’t be beat, especially if it comes from a celebrity.

  6. Reaper says:

    Who cares if A-Rod gambles? The guy has so much money I’m sure he wouldn’t even notice if he lost big!