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Racing for the Cure!

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In July, a Cripple Creek casino GM said, “Hey, you should all join me in this 5k for Breast Cancer awareness in September” Not really knowing what that meant four Cripple Creek decided to join together in support of Breast Cancer awareness.

Well it’s September, and after 2 months of training the event is here. This Sunday the “Save the Hooter, Casino for a Cure” will join over 8,000 participates in the Southeastern Colorado Race for the Cure! In addition, to participating in the event, each participating casino has pledged $500, to the Susan Komen Race for the Cure organization making a total donation of $2,000. Each participate has also raised money in support of the event.

Participating in this process has been an amazing experience, and I feel proud to be apart of the journey. Until I decided to participate in the event, I really didn’t know what it was all about. During this process, I learned that the cancer cells that are Breast Cancer cause the breast tissue to divide and grow out of control. In addition, this disease is widespread and random, affecting every one of all ages, races and genders. Each year over 1.3 million people are diagnosed, at this time there is no known cause or cure. With this disease awareness and early detection is key, to increase a person chance of surviving.  For more information on breast cancer and early detection please go to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure National Website

Raising money for the Cure, where does the money go?

I was pleased to learn that for:

  • Every $100 raised raised will help someone without health insurance receive a much-needed mammogram
  • A donation of $250 will pay for 5 clinical breast exams
  • $1,000 will help pay for 1 round of the chemotherapy drug Taxotere
  • The average cost of treatment including surgery and chemotherapy is $50,000

What an amazing opportunity and journey this has been and we as a team are very grateful for the support that has been shown to each of us, both with fundraising and moral support. So on Sunday Morning at 8AM when I take off from the starting line I will remember, it not about that moment but about the journey to find the Cure!

For more information about Breast cancer awareness and the Susan G. Komen for the Cure please go to

To help in our efforts to raise breast cancer awareness

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11 Responses to “Racing for the Cure!”

  1. Tim Holland says:

    So… how did it go??

  2. Charles Russell says:

    You guys are great! It is so good that you participated and raised these funds for such an important cause.

  3. Benji Milanowski says:

    It is thanks to events such as these that breast cancer is so well-know now and a lot of funds are being raised. The same needs to be done with other cancers as well.

  4. Sarah Fisher says:

    Fundraisers are wonderful and extremely helpful, but I think it is important for people to be aware of how to live healthier lives so as to prevent cancers from developing in the first place. I hope these things are stressed as well at these functions.

  5. Baby Boo says:

    As a breast cancer survivor I want to personally thank you for participating!

  6. Jules says:

    This is what you call putting your money to good use! So great that you are so supportive!

  7. Phyllis Short says:

    I have participated in similar activities and you are right to say that it is an awesome experience. Not only are you doing something for others, you are connecting with others in the greater community for a cause. What a great journey!

  8. Ronnie Osborne says:

    Thank-you so much for informing the general public about where the money goes.

  9. Kara Lyons says:

    even though a lot is know, there is some misinformation out there and I am glad you included some links to other websites.

  10. Vincent says:

    What other kinds of charities/organizations have you conributed to?

  11. Laura says:

    Why not get more people involved next year, and use the casino as a way to get information across as well (or maybe you have already done so?)