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How Social Couponing Has Changed Our Shopping Habits

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Most of us can probably remember our grandmothers clipping coupons from Sunday’s newspaper circular. But, coupon clipping has not been a popular moneysaving technique for our generation. But, social couponing has changed all that. Today’s Moms (and singles, too) coupon just as avidly as their grandparents, but in a whole new way.

Social couponing on sites like Groupon, and even Facebook, has changed how we shop, particularly for non-necessities, such as restaurant dinners. These sites are most active in big cities, where diners have a lot of choices about where to go when they dine out.

Groupon, for example, offers just one deal each day, with a requirement for a certain number of buyers before the deal kicks in. Deals that work like Groupon’s really have an impact on shopping habits. If you were planning to go to dinner tonight, anyway, you’re much more likely to choose the restaurant with the deal on Groupon, because it saves you money.

Social couponing has given shoppers the opportunity to shop the way the smartest shoppers have always shopped – buying what’s on sale at the time. The thriftiest shoppers have known all along that the real way to save money is not to buy what you want, necessarily, but to buy what you can get the best deal on.

The concept works well for the companies that offer deals on social couponing sites, too. Most of the companies you’ll find here face stiff competition. When coupons are redeemed, the company probably makes little or no profit on that transaction. But, if offering a coupon is what it takes to get a customer in the door, the retailer is willing to bank that the customer will like the experience or the product enough to come back – at full price. So, social couponing has also forced retailers to step up service. The price they spend on advertising on social couponing sites is lost if the customer doesn’t want to come back.

Social couponing has made it simple to get good deals. And, in today’s fast paced society, simple is what sells.

8 Responses to “How Social Couponing Has Changed Our Shopping Habits”

  1. Sam says:

    never tried it yet, but now I will! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Juan Andrews says:

    It is truly amazing to see how technology, the internet, social networking has changed the way we live… and in such a short time!

  3. Cody Williams says:

    I disagree that coupon clipping is no longer a money-saving technique… stores now offer “double coupon days”, and when you combine store coupons with manufacturing ones then you can still save a bundle!

  4. Robert King says:

    Yes, social couponing has had a huge impact on where my family and I spend our money. Who wouldn’t want to save some money?

  5. Harriet Dickinson says:

    I love GROUPON!! The best thing that has come along in a long time!!

  6. Mike Chase says:

    I recommend people check out local group couponing in their communities. is a great one.

  7. Colleen Waller says:

    This has been a fantastic idea, wish I had thought of it myself!

  8. Albert Dorsey says:

    I think it has been positive all around: deals for the people, more work for those in the field, and better products.