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How gaming across America has changed Vegas

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It’s relatively easy to explain how nationwide gaming has changed Las Vegas. The city in the desert (sometimes known as Sin City) has offered legalized gaming since 1931. This means Nevada had a 45-year head start on New Jersey, which introduced casino gambling in 1976.

Since that time eight other states have offered legalized gambling: South Dakota, Iowa, Colorado, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Missouri and Indiana. This group of eight opened their gambling doors between 1989 and 1993.

There has been one major change in Las Vegas gambling that isn’t necessarily related to gambling in other states. For many years, Vegas gambling was under the watchful eye of organized crime organizations. This has changed significantly, as public corporations now dominate the Vegas casino scene. Efforts have also been made to create a diverse, family atmosphere in the city as well.

Gambling in the desert is still a multi-million-dollar industry but there are many other sources of revenue as well – musical/theater entertainment, family shows and amusements etc. Observers feel that this is necessary for the corporations to bring in sufficient funds, since gambling is now available in other U.S. locations.

Riverboat gaming is a key competitor now as well. In fact, statistics show that gambling on “the boats” accounted for more than 20 percent of the casino market by 1995, six years after South Dakota and Iowa legalized gambling. To meet this challenge it was necessary for Las Vegas businesses to expand.

It’s safe to say that the desert city now relies heavily on tourism, in conjunction with casino action. Consider that huge productions and theme parks now draw families as well. Total visits to Las Vegas even increased in the mid-1990s, even with the rapid growth of gambling in other states.

Of course, it is necessary to include Native American casino operations in any study of Las Vegas gambling. There are “Indian” casinos in half of the 50 states. The total number of casinos is in the hundreds.

It’s difficult to cover all the factors in the Las Vegas vs. the rest of the country in such a small space. It may enough to state that the gambling-hall owners in Las Vegas are definitely aware of gaming growth in other states.

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5 Responses to “How gaming across America has changed Vegas”

  1. Timothy says:

    I’ve only gambled on a boat out of Port Canaveral in FL. I played slot machines and it was fun. I dream of gambling in a big casino like vegas.

  2. Francis Gould says:

    The only reason I continue to go back to Las Vegas is nostalgia. I love the big casinos – not some puney little river boat. I love the lights, too. Actually, for me, it’s getting a little too family for me.

  3. Tarzan says:

    As I have gotten older, and a family, it’s actually important to me that when I chose to go somewhere it has to be family friendly. I’m glad that Vegas isn’t just casinos and strippers anymore. It was a smart move.

  4. anglia says:

    My family had a great time there in 2009. We went for a wedding and we brought our 3 kids – all under 10. We loved it and would like to go back again.

  5. Angelfish says:

    I love the origianl CSI TV show. I like the way they incorporate the casinos into some of the episodes. I’ve never, been, but would love to go.