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Finding the Harmony

Posted by : Admin

WOW! What a great feeling to see all the work come to life! That was exactly the feeling of joy we got last Friday when the 1st Tweets, status updates and blog content came through to our smart phones!

How cool is it, that technology can bring us so much joy, that this week I watch grown men get totally elated over learning how to tweet and post. So much so, that one particular day this week was ultimately given as a sacrifice to the Social Media Gods! LOL!! To explain further one of our social media team members Eric learned how viral social media can be when he decided to innocently post to a comment. This week in our small mountain community we had a forest fire, close to many of our Team Member’s homes. To assist in the fire fighting efforts we donated food to the volunteer’s fire fighters. Eric, who is very new to this Social Media concept, thought it would be a great idea to comment on a news stations website about the fire. In his post he said something about us donating food, but how he portrayed it was not exactly how he meant it to be said.

The situation that followed was quiet humorous and the day was spent discussing the incident was not all in vain as we chalked it up to just another lesson learned on this Social Media Journey! As for the fire, at this time it is contained and only burned approximately 50 acres and no structures were harmed. A fact that is definitely attributed to the quick and diligent work of the fire fighters, who saved a home from flames that, came within 15 ft of the structure. In addition, to learning about the virility of social media, the team learned that, just as we must learn to work in harmony with our peers so must all forms of social media work in harmony. As we move forward on this journey, we keep telling ourselves that the stars will align and there will be Harmony on our social media journey!

6 Responses to &#8220Finding the Harmony”

  1. Fizzle says:

    I want to see what poor ol’Eric wrote on that forum! Where’s the link?

  2. Brad Ray says:

    Harmony is so very important in social media and I can tell through your organization that you aren’t simply learning as you go – you must be working with a consulting form or a social media company. This is all too slick!

  3. Alex Ball says:

    Very nice work so far gang, let’s see if the excitement and momentum continue to grow strong. It’s a shaky road at first and takes time to develop solid web presence…

  4. Alicia Stark says:

    It’s very interesting to read about your experiences as you move forward with you social media efforts, Thanks so much!