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Where the Future of Gaming is Going

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As with any prediction, the future of gaming depends on whom you ask and who is providing the information. The people who develop equipment and software for casino gaming feel that technology will continue to be a major factor in gaming changes. In the future, manufacturers and developers say, players will “interface” even more with […]

How the gaming industry has changed over the last 2 decades

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In a few words: The gaming industry has become almost unrecognizable to those who remember the smaller gambling rooms of Las Vegas in the ‘50s and ‘60s. Major changes were made during the 1970s and 1980s, of course, primarily because Native American tribes began operating gaming businesses on reservation land. Whether the changes made since […]

How gaming across America has changed Vegas

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It’s relatively easy to explain how nationwide gaming has changed Las Vegas. The city in the desert (sometimes known as Sin City) has offered legalized gaming since 1931. This means Nevada had a 45-year head start on New Jersey, which introduced casino gambling in 1976. Since that time eight other states have offered legalized gambling: […]

Why Did HP Get Out of the Touchpad Business?

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There’s been a ton of talk about HP and their decision to discontinue making their Touchpad. Just as the public began to absorb the news that HP was out of the business, they announced that they would make one more batch of their Touchpad. So, is HP back in the web OS business? The answer, […]

When Did 80′s Music Become “Classic”?

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The term “classic 80′s” music seems a little bit laughable and a little bit frightening to those of us who came of age during this decade. After all, we think of music from the 60′s as the “oldies” and to us, rock from the legends, like Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and others is “classic rock”. […]

The Importance of Marketing for Casinos

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Every business needs a marketing plan. Your marketing plan is what helps you decide who your customer is, and how to get them to buy your product. There are some very specific nuances to marketing a casino and some very specific reasons why marketing is so important to casino success. Here are some things to […]

The Celebrities You Don’t Want in Your Casino

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Fox News recently reported that Alex Rodriguez was seen playing high stakes poker in a casino in the Poconos. A-Rod has, of course, seen his share of controversy, including reports of potential illegal gambling via underground poker games. Rodriguez denies gambling in the casino, though he does admit having had dinner there. One has to […]

Racing for the Cure!

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In July, a Cripple Creek casino GM said, “Hey, you should all join me in this 5k for Breast Cancer awareness in September” Not really knowing what that meant four Cripple Creek decided to join together in support of Breast Cancer awareness. Well it’s September, and after 2 months of training the event is here. […]

The Growing Rate of American Obesity

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We’ve been talking about obesity in the US for a decade or more now. We’ve initiated programs in schools and we’ve even got a First Lady who explains portion control with a bunch of teenage celebrities on Disney Channel.  Obesity rates have more than doubled in the past 30 years, and, today, there is no […]

2011′s Summer of Failed Dreams

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The beginning of summer always holds such promise. As the spring flowers peak through the ground, we’re eager to plan for all the things we want to do. But, as the end of summer approaches, we tend to look back at those things that didn’t come to fruition as we had hoped. As a nation, […]