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3 Ways Facebook is Changing Lives

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There have been few social phenomena that have changed lives like Facebook. Facebook is so genius in its simplicity that we may actually have taken for granted just how much our lives have changed since its inception. Like most big social phenomena, Facebook has done some great things for us, and some not so great things, too. Here are three ways Facebook has impacted our lives.

  1. We’re in touch with people we hadn’t seen in years. One of Facebook’s biggest advantages is how it connects people from all over the world, and how it can give you the ability to connect with people from all areas and time periods of your life in one spot.
  2. We spend more time online. Facebook has likely served as a godsend to people who weren’t able to get out of the house, because it may have renewed their ability to connect with their friends. For other people, however, it may have served as a crutch that allows them to live “online” rather than in the real world.
  3. We have increased our circle of influence. The activities and patterns of our friends have always influenced us, and we have always had influence on our friends. Today, the circle is wider. We have influence on, and are influenced by, a greater number of people and in a greater number of areas of life. For example, let’s say you press the “like” button for the Robert Mondavi wine page on Facebook. All of your Facebook friends now know that you like Mondavi wine, so you may have influenced them to try it.  Your potential influence on the Mondavi brand is much wider than if, say, you had simply served Mondavi wine at a cocktail party. Take a minute to consider how many times you’ve checked out a brand or Facebook page because you noticed that one of your friends had “liked” it.

Facebook has created some really interesting changes in our lives in its few short years in the marketplace. Only time will tell how it impacts our lives over the long term.

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8 Responses to 𔄛 Ways Facebook is Changing Lives”

  1. Nicholas Allen says:

    I would say those who are benefiting most from FB are once again in the corporate world.

    • Admin says:

      Of course, the corporate world gravitates to mainstream, entities such as Facebook; however, I would disagree slightly Nicholas. Look at all of the good that has come out of social networking within the Middle East this year.

  2. Julie Bloom says:

    Facebook has been the greatest thing since cellphones in terms of accesibilty to others, and information.

  3. Snaggletooth says:

    it is undeniable that FB has impacted the majority of people, and sadly for many it is a time-wasting addiction.

  4. Baby Cream says:

    as far as I can tell the 3 ways that Facebook has impacted our lives are all quite negative.

  5. Messy Jesse says:

    for the most part FB is just a way for people to show off, waste time, and make themselves believe that they are “connecting” to people. Sad.

  6. Mark Boyette says:

    do you think in 100 years people will be talking about Facebook?? It is a thing of the moment, but not a great invention. We will keep talking about Mozart, Picasso, Baryshnikov, Dickens… but not Facebook.

  7. I think i will have to agree with Mark Boyette in this case. I really think social media is changing fast and for good as well and that in 100 years the whole way we see internet might change.

    So not sure if facebook can stand for so long because already we are starting to get bored on facebook and the whole wall thing…