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2011′s Summer of Failed Dreams

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The beginning of summer always holds such promise. As the spring flowers peak through the ground, we’re eager to plan for all the things we want to do. But, as the end of summer approaches, we tend to look back at those things that didn’t come to fruition as we had hoped. As a nation, the list is pretty long. We won’t bore you with all of them, but here are at least four things we hoped we’d see in the US this year, that didn’t quite materialize.

  1. The unemployment rate didn’t drop. Not only did the unemployment rate stay high, but we put out a whole new crop of college and high school graduates that may now join the ranks of the unemployed. The picture just gets gloomier and gloomier for recent entries into the job market.
  2. Gas prices didn’t come down. Even when the country tapped into the oil reserves, gas prices didn’t fall. Perhaps we kept gas prices from rising, but we didn’t really help them to the point that we saw any relief.
  3. Many of us didn’t vacation. Between the high prices of gas and the fact that we didn’t have enough disposable income, many families had to skip the summer vacation this year. So, in addition to having some pretty stressed out people, the economy in many tourist towns is not likely to see the boost that summer usually brings.
  4. We didn’t sell our homes. Home sales continue to lag in most parts of the country. In many parts of the nation, in fact, home prices continued to drop. Many real estate experts are predicting that the bottom of the housing market, which we thought we had already hit, won’t come until the end of this year.

So, as the weather starts to cool, it’s time to start making lists of the things we hope that we’ll see in the fall, and hope that we’ll see some of these things we’ve been hoping for happen – even if a bit late.

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6 Responses to �′s Summer of Failed Dreams”

  1. Allison Adams says:

    Your disappointment should primarily stem from the political situation in the US, which has had a terrible inpact on all of these things. Obama has tried to get things under control only to be faced with opposition from the Republicans.

  2. Tracy Orr says:

    In my opinion, gas not falling has been a good thing. People have had to hake better choices about the kinds of cars they drive, and how much they drive. And in turn manufacturers have had to make smaller, more fuel efficient cars.

  3. Marion Jain says:

    People may not have vacationed at great distances, but many vacationed locally, which has been good for their local economy.

  4. ICE1 Dwight Chruma says:

    Despite the gas prices and unemployment not dropping too much, the situation is still far better than most other countries in that regard, even in Europe!

  5. Helen Koch says:

    For me the most frustrating has been the housing market. We are trying to relocate and are unable to sell.

  6. Zachary Long says:

    You are right on all accounts, and let’s hope that the upcoming election will improve those situations. But let us not forget to focus on the positive!! The US is still a great place to live!